Cyberschool's interactive learning materials
English, Maths and Content
Comprehensive lessons, whiteboard tools and worksheets
  • In-depth lessons linked to clear objectives
  • Worked examples, theory, diagrams, animations and step-by-step explanations
  • Suitable for PCs, data projectors, laptops and whiteboards

Integrating ICT into teaching and learning
  • A guide to using the interactive whiteboard, learning software and Internet resources to facilitate teaching and learning
  • Ideas and suggestions on how to integrate ICTs into teaching (examples have been provided to illustrate suggestions)

ICT Show me
  • More than 100 short online demonstrations teaching computer and Internet skills at all levels
  • Tutorials guide users through a simple step-by-step process

Study support
  • A revision and homework support guide designed specifically for learners
  • Learners are provided with tips to help them cope with their workloads, manage their time, and improve their results through extension work and revision at home
  • Includes some relevant information and useful advice for parents

User guide
  • Users are provided with a description of the key features of each of the resources as well as some tips, ideas and suggestions on how to use the resources to enhance the teaching and learning experience