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Sections: The Internet | The web | E-mail and chat

Using the Internet

The Internet lets you use a number of different technologies that can help you with homework - two of these are particularly good: the web and e-mail. To use the Internet you first need a telephone line. Then you need a service provider. Some of these give a service that is "free", apart from the cost of your phone calls. If you are a frequent user, then you may prefer a service that gives you unlimited Internet access for a fixed monthly rental.

The web

The world wide web (WWW) is a vast source of information on the Internet and like an enormous library that is constantly updated and filled with all sorts of information.

To look at web pages, you need a web browser. These are programs that help you find documents, read them, save them and go back to them. Most users will use either Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer - and some people use both.


Using a computer connected to the Internet, you can exchange messages with other Internet users across the world. This can be particularly helpful for foreign language practice or asking teachers and other learners for help with homework.

Sections: The Internet | The web | E-mail and chat