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Why use your computer for schoolwork?

Have you ever wished for a friend who would do your homework for you, or help you when you get stuck? If you have a personal computer, then your wish can come true. In nearly all subjects you will earn a better assessment and the work can be easier and more fun. Is this too good to be true? Well, you still have to do some things yourself, but in almost every area of work you can let your computer do things which you could not manage without it. Your computer will help you:

  • draft, revise and edit written work
  • present work attractively on screen or in print
  • explore and analyse different kinds of information
  • give you access to Internet technologies
  • save time - if you use it sensibly

In this guide you can find out how to make the most of your computer for your homework.

What do you need?

A basic PC or Mac has lots of features - such as a modem, a large disk drive for storage, a monitor, and perhaps loudspeakers. You will need a basic computer and a printer. There are many things you might wish to add - such as a scanner, CD writer, digital camera or DVD drive but you can buy these later.

You don't need a portable computer - instead make your work portable. You can keep things on a zip drive, CD-rom or DVD, or on a suitable website. You can even send them to your school email account. Some schools already have secure storage which learners can use from home, but if not, you can find such services free on the web.