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WordPad is a free word-processing package on a PC
WordPad is a free word-processing package on a PC

When doing your homework, don't assume that everything should be done on a word processor. Presentation graphics programs (such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Lotus Freelance Graphics) may be more suitable to support a spoken activity - such as a science project, a drama documentary in history or for speaking and listening tasks in English. A spreadsheet will make data in tables more interactive for other users. And, if you know how, you may wish to create your work as web pages, using an HTML editor.

But for documents you wish to send to teachers or friends electronically it is usually best to use word processing, as they will be able to read your files. (If you don't have Microsoft Word, you can still read Word documents, using WordPad, SimpleText or a viewer, which you can get free from a website.)

Use templates

When using a word processor, it's a good idea to use templates and you can usually choose one whenever you start a new document. Templates are files presented with a particular style and layout. They should help you design your own work in a professional-looking way. If you are doing extended project work, you may want all your documents to look the same - and creating a template can help you do this. Some programs will use other names for templates, so make sure you know what they are called in your software. (For example, Word document files have the three-letter .doc extension; Word templates have the extension .dot.)

Sections: Word processing | Features | More features