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Sections: Preparing for exams | Presenting written coursework

Ages 14-16

This guidance is aimed at learners. Please share it with your parents.

As you get older your workload will increase significantly. If you can work with teachers to do assessment work that counts for more than one subject or category, this will help.

The following tips will help with exam preparation

  • Work sensibly. Don't work when you are tired. Go to bed. Sleep. Have breakfast.
  • Divide your time. Don't work only for the subject you like, or in which (you think) you are doing well. You probably aren't. Some subjects (maths, foreign languages) need to be done for short periods but more frequently. Others (this may include English coursework) may be better if done less frequently but for longer periods.
  • Organise your time. Don't just live for the next deadline. If teachers relax the deadlines, don't put the work off any longer.
  • Find out about dates and deadlines. Make sure you know the dates by which particular tasks are due, and final dates for all coursework. You cannot do it all in the final term. If you try, you will be exhausted when you sit your exams and will under-achieve. Get a personal organiser/diary and a year planner. Put in all the dates you need to know. Write in task deadlines and keep to them or get ahead. Allow some "catch up" time. Allow some recreation and leisure time.

Sections: Preparing for exams | Presenting written coursework