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Homework guide
About this guide
What is the point of homework?
When and where should you do it?
Tools you need
Essential furniture and equipment
Planning your homework
Curriculum help
Ages 6-15
Ages 15-18
Your computer
Using your computer
Word processing
Spreadsheets and calculators
Using the Internet
More advice
Rules to follow
How teachers can help
How parents can help
About this guide

How many adults take their work home with them? Does your mom, dad or your grown-up brother or sister? And if they do, do they feel happy about it?

The fact is, it would be great if we could be free to play all day. However, if you're at school, chances are you will have homework to complete every day when you go home.
This guide is written to help you manage your homework. If you are going to do it, you might as well do it with as little pain and difficulty as possible. It's bad enough having to do homework, so why should you read a guide about it? Here are some reasons:

  • You might learn to spend less time on your homework or to feel more positive about what you do.
  • You might rethink your attitude to homework.
  • You might find out some useful tips to give to your teachers or parents, so the whole experience becomes less painful.

Most of the guide is written for learners since you have to do the homework. But some sections are written for parents and teachers. Use the menu on the left to move around the guide.