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When and where should you do it?

Work smarter, not harder

Use a short outline or model of a structure like a spidergram to identify the size of the task. Don't let time expand to finish the task - make the task fit the time. Sometimes you may wish to do more and it will be appropriate but it's not fair if this always happens.

Start early

You may need a moment or two to change out of your school clothes, and have a drink. But this is a critical moment. If you can resist distractions like friends, radio or TV, you have made a wise choice.

It is possible for you to do all your homework in a few hours early in the evening. This may be before your evening meal - or mostly before it.

If you know that you have a lighter workload some days, then you can take time out of your homework schedule. Alternatively, you could do work which you had planned to do on the following day.

It's better to do tasks as soon as possible after the teacher has set them. They will be fresh in your mind, and you have a breathing space if the work turns out to be tougher than you thought. Leaving it till the night before it's supposed to be handed in is not so clever. What if you have an unexpected invitation or find that other tasks have left you with too little time?

Work at set times

If you develop a routine of doing homework at the same time each day, it will become automatic and you will perhaps not mind the loss of your time. As you get older you will wish to adapt the routine to fit in with other things that you need to do during the day like household chores and responsibilities. You may even want to fit in paid part-time employment.

Sections: When should you do it? | Where should you do it? | Avoiding distractions