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Sections: Essential furniture | Essential equipment

Essential furniture and equipment

Assuming that you or your parents can afford to buy or replace furniture, what do you really need?

Desk or table

A desk uses space more efficiently, as it will have some storage. You need a good writing surface and room to spread things out. Make sure that the desk is well lit - move the light or the desk or both. Keep a clear area to use for working on new tasks.


This is the most important thing to get right. You cannot beat a good office chair. It should have a padded seat, and be big enough for you. If you have to cut back on your budget, try not to do it here.


Your desk is too small to hold all the stuff you use for homework. You can never have too many shelves, though you may find that your books, equipment and soft toys gradually fill any available area. Use trial and error to move the things you use most often to the nearest place.


This is for sleeping in and perhaps reading for relaxation. It is also a good home for the soft toys that are taking over your shelves. It is not a place to do homework. It is especially not a place for doing any writing of any kind... ever.


Use desk and standard lamps to create different lighting moods and effects for different kinds of study. Make sure that you have good lighting for reading.

Sections: Essential furniture | Essential equipment