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Revision is another word for reviewing. To understand and remember what you have learned over the year, you need to re-read your course essays, notes and textbooks. Revision requires accurate notes and careful planning to be most effective.

It is best to begin your programme of revision two or three months before the exams. However late you leave it, make sure you follow this advice:

1 First devise a revision timetable. You should use this to remind you about your exams and other important events.

2 Revise in short manageable chunks and take regular breaks. Each revision session should last about 40 minutes, with 10-minute breaks between each session.

3 Try not to revise more than two subjects a day and don't attempt to do all of a subject in one go.

4 Decide what time of day you work most effectively: mornings, afternoons or evenings.

5 Make sure you have time to relax before going to bed and try to get plenty of sleep. But don't go to bed so early that you can't sleep - do something that helps you relax before you go to bed.