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A case study is a detailed, real example of what you have studied, eg a village, farm, region or country.

When you mention case studies in an exam make sure you use:

  • a real example - give its name and a location
  • an example which shows the points you are trying to make.

Revising case studies

Learn a number of case studies of different scales or size - local, regional and national.

When to use a case study

Certain phrases in exam questions are like clues which let you know you should use your knowledge about a case study in your answer. Here are some examples of phrases:

  • "Using an example from your studies..."
  • "With reference to an area you have studied..."
  • "For a named industry/city/region that you have studied..."
  • "Use an example in your answer..."

How to use a case study

When you use a case study:

  • Do not write everything you know about it. Pick out the information which fits in with the question asked.
  • Make sure that you include facts and figures about your case study as well as using names of places.
  • Use a labelled sketch map or diagram.
  • Use specialist terms as much as possible.