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The right answer

In any exam, the type of answer you give depends on the question you are asked. For example the question may ask you to:

  • list
  • describe
  • evaluate
  • compare
  • contrast

For example, a question such as, "For an urban area that you have studied, list the factors that make it vulnerable to flooding", requires only a list of points as the answer.

By contrast, a question which says, "Describe the flood problem in an urban area that you have studied", looks for more detail and the use of local information. It is also asking for full sentences.

If the question is, "Explain the flood problem for an urban area that you have studied," the answer requires explanation, examples and full sentences.

"Evaluate the problem of flooding in Oxford." This question asks us to compare the problem of flooding in Oxford with other areas, and to assess how important flooding is in Oxford.